Summer Corn and Zucchini Chowder

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One sure sign of the end of the summer is more zucchini squash and corn then you know what to do with. This easy corn chowder recipe is a great way to put to good use with all that summer corn and zucchini, in a healthy corn chowder recipe the whole family will love. This easy soup recipe is hearty and delicious and packed with fresh vegetables, potatoes, and bacon. This summer corn and zucchini easy soup recipe are an excellent addition to your menu planning when you have plenty of vegetables on hand. And while soup might not be the first thing you think about when the weather is still hot outside, but once the weather starts cooling off a bit, it's the perfect addition to your meal planning ideas. This easy soup recipe is a great way to get healthy vegetables into your day and a good way to use up all those vegetables you have. For the full step by step easy soup idea you will want to take a look at Melissa's Southern Style Kitchen site.

Some of the ingredients you will need for this healthy corn chowder recipe is bacon, yellow onion, celery, corn, garlic, chicken broth, russet potatoes, spices, zucchini, yellow squash, and whole milk. If you have a large Dutch oven or stock pot, start this easy soup idea by putting it over medium heat. Then add bacon and cook until crisp, about five minutes. For the full step by step tutorial, you will want to take a look at the site.

Adding zucchini to this healthy corn chowder recipe offers up plenty of health benefits. Though botanically zucchini is considered a fruit, zucchini is still considered a vegetable, more specifically, squash. Whether you use zucchini raw or cooked, it offers notable health benefits. As a garden vegetable, zucchini is easy to grow. Zucchini is widely available in local grocery markets and is usually inexpensive to buy. Zucchini is good for the heart, as it contains good amounts of potassium that help to reduce blood pressure. It also contains moderate levels of folate that helps to break down amino acids like homocysteine that cause heart attacks and strokes. Zucchini has good amounts of magnesium that help to keep blood pressure at a normal rate, and your heart beat at a steady rhythm. Zucchini may help in weight loos. Zucchini has low calories that make it a great addition to of any weight loss diet. Substituting calorie rich foods with good portion of zucchini helps you in reducing the number of calories that are taken in. Eating zucchini makes it easier to burn off the calories, thereby helping you to lose weight. The fiber content in zucchini helps in burning the fat in the body. Zucchini also keeps the body hydrated as it has about 95 percent water content. This helps to give you more energy and fewer headaches.

Zucchini may help to guard against asthma and helps to strengthen teeth and bones. This is because zucchini is a good source of vitamin C, and is considered good for fighting asthma. Vitamin C, is a powerful anti-oxidant, that helps to play a huge role in keeping the immune system healthy and helping to fight respiratory problems. The anti-inflammatory properties that are in zucchini help to keep the lungs open and clear. Zucchini also contains calcium that may help the nervous system to properly function and gives strength to the bones and teeth. You will find this easy corn chowder recipe on Melissa's Southern Style Kitchen site. On the site, you will find other healthy corn chowder recipes, easy soup recipes, main dish recipe ideas, dessert recipes, side dish recipes, salad recipes and more. **

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