Summer Minestrone Soup

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Do you love soups, but sometimes you don't want too heavy a soup for in the summer time? Try out this Summer Minestrone Soup, for a nice, light summer soup that gives you lots of nutrients and delicious flavour. This is a great vegetarian soup, for those days that you don't feel like having meat. Sometimes in the summer, as much as everyone loves their grilled meats, it's nice to have meals without meat altogether. Or for people who just don't really like to eat a lot of meat in general, its nice to have a hearty soup that contains a lot of good nutrient filled ingredients.

This soup is so incredibly easy to make as well! All you have to do is chop everything, which is the majority of the work involved with the prep of this recipe, but that doesn't take too long, especially if you have some help! You can even make your own veggie broth to use if you like. Then you just put it all in a pot with all of the seasonings and let it simmer away, allowing the flavours to meld and work their magic. Your house will probably be smelling pretty awesome too by the time its all done!

Minestrone soup is an Italian dish, originating form Italy, with the nice fresh vegetables, and the nice round noodles, it makes for a nice hearty soup, that is great on hot or cold days. This would be a great soup to have on hand, and you can make a bunch of it by freezing it, and then having it ready to heat up whenever you want to have some. Imagine it wilt a nice warm piece of home made bread, or some nice light crackers. This is the perfect home made soup for any occasion. Head over yo 'Simply Recipes' by following the link in the section below for more!

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