Summer Pound Cake with Peaches and Almond Glaze

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This combination of fruit and nuts is wonderful as you will see when you make this Summer Pound Cake with Peaches and Almond Glaze. Peaches and almonds are from the same sub-genus, Amygdalus, in a long and rather boring scientific explanation that we can skip. But set them side by side and taste them and look at them. You will see many visual similarities between the Peach nut and the almond shell, and when you taste carefully, they share many flavor similarities. That is perhaps why they taste so fabulously together.

This recipe uses almond extract to make the recipe. Substitute one-half cup of ground almond in the flour and your pound cake will be really fabulous. The creator of this recipe also gives a gluten free combination of flours to use. You can also substitute one-half cup of some of the rice flour and tapioca starch with one-half cup of ground almond. The cake will be somewhat more dense, but every bit as delicious. As well, almonds are packed with nutrition and this step will increase that in your recipe. In addition, when you make the frosting, a lovely and easy glaze here, sprinkle it liberally with sliced almonds—ones that still have the skin on their edge. It will make this already pretty cake, absolutely stunning.

Peaches are a lovely summer fruit. Be sure to find the best peaches you can, and then let them fully ripen so their flavor really pops. Cinnamon is the recommended seasoning to use. Add one-quarter teaspoon of ground ginger to give it some pop. This is a lovely seasonal dish that combines the flavors of almond and peaches to create a great dessert for every one on your list.

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