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Maybe you don't want something as big and fancy as a luxury log home, but you love the look and feel that a wood cabin offers. If you love log house designs, there are ways to build the log house of your dreams at a small log home price. A small log home doesn't have to compromise the log house design integrity. If you want a unique cabin building, without the luxury log cabin price, there are ways to customize a small log cabin to suit your budget, lifestyle and needs. When designing your cabin building consider camping out on your property to get a feel for the wood cabin site that you are going to build. That way, you’ll get a good idea of the activities and possibilities that you might enjoy once you are in your dream log cabin design. The following are just of the tips to keep in mind when trying to save money on your custom small log home.

Keep it simple. You don’t need to have the highest quality fixtures, and you also don’t need the most expensive plumbing faucets. There are good ones available for reasonable prices. As for sleeping arrangements, think about going vertical, that way you have enough room for guests. You want to have at least some space in the wood cabin that will accommodate some bunk beds, especially if you think you might have family come to stay. You might consider a half-loft upstairs. Pantry space is also important, that way you can stock up on groceries for the week that you are staying and have enough room to store them. A kitchen island is one place that offers kitchen storage solutions, along with a walk-in pantry as a way to help store bulky items and extra food.

Plan for winter heating. A kerosene heater might be fine, but nothing makes a log cabin design feel cozier than a traditional fireplace or potbellied wood-burning stove. When you are thinking about your dream log cabin design, a fireplace is something that usually comes to mind. To heat a small log home, you might consider a direct-vent, wall-mounted gas heater as they require no ductwork and are very efficient.

Do some of the wood cabin work yourself. If you are handy and you don’t mind spending time working on your custom built log cabin, you can hire a general contractor to construct the weather-tight wood cabin shell, that way you can do the interior finishing at your own pace, a great way to spend money. You can also take a look at ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets that come from a home building center rather custom kitchen cabinets.

Be smart when buying the appliances for your wood cabin. Try and buy the best quality fridge you can afford, as when you are staying at the cabin building for a week you want to be able to stock up on groceries.

Make use of outdoor spaces. If you want to customize your small log cabin, take advantage of your surroundings. You can make the most of your small log home by having plenty of outdoor living spaces. You want to have a barbecue space, and plenty of seating, as you will most likely be spending more time outside than indoors. A good idea is to build a screened-in porch, which can also be a place to leave gear too. Double your small log home space by building several outdoor deck and patio levels which lead down to the lake or boat dock.

Build up, not out. When considering your small log home think about adding an extra row or two of logs, this is a good way to increase headroom and make the wood cabin feel more spacious. Another bonus of building your small log home up is that it is usually less expensive than expanding the footprint of your log cabin design.

By carefully planning your log cabin design you can see what matter most to you and your family, and save money along the way by considering different options. A custom small log home can meet your needs, and make the most of it's smaller footprint with efficient use of space and good storage options. **

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