SUPER COOL dome home! Spins like a UFO to let light in.

Photo Credit: Inhabitat

This unique prefab wooden dome home spins like a UFO to let sunlight in from every angle. The unusual feature allows the home owners to take advantage of wherever the sunlight and shade happen to be, and make the home more energy efficient as a result. That feature is just one of many that make up this eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable home located in upper New York State.

The home’s construction is bamboo, among other natural woods. Bamboo is a fast-growing grass that grows large enough to be used in building homes and other structures. It is also eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable. The grass can grow up to one meter in only a few days, so it is quick to replenish once cut. And a single piece of mature bamboo can take up to 4000 pounds of pressure, making it viable for building homes such as the dome home. Other materials include cedar and limestone, as well.

The home was designed and built in France by a company that makes similar structures, then shipped to New York where it has been placed on 28 acres of land for perfect privacy. The fact that the home spins means you can take advantage of sunrise or sunset as the mood strikes you.

The main floor rises 40 feet to the ceiling, and appears open and spacious. The natural wood interior combined with the spectacular windows creates a sense of peace and stillness. The home is calm. Still, there are three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms plus an office, kitchen and other living spaces for plenty of active living. The total area of the home is about 2300 square feet.

The home is for sale if you are interested, but whether not you are looking to buy something in New York, it is worth seeing the photos of this unique property. Go take a look now!

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