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This Carolina log home will be a cute and cozy addition to your property if you are looking build a log house. This house has a log exterior, plenty of windows and a front porch. The inside is one and a half stories; it includes four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an open concept living area. This log home has everything a family would require for everyday living, including a kitchen, dining room and living room. What this unique house design offers that a traditional home might not, is a cozy, quaint appearance perfect for a country property. The aesthetic of the building is beautiful for those who enjoy the simple appearance of wood. Even if you don’t choose to build this log building on your home property, it will work well on a vacation property next to the water. This home is built from eastern white pine. Eastern white pine is one of the best choices for log homes, because it is easy to work with, keeps a home well insulated and is very affordable.

This Carolina log home is designed by, which is located in North Carolina, United States. When you purchase from their website, you will be receiving one of their log house designs of your choice, as well as the products to build the home. Log home building can be a complicated endeavor, but the website has a detailed FAQ page which gives insight into what to expect when constructing a log home. When you receive one of the company’s log home kits, you will receive everything required to create a standing home from the roof system to the exterior deck. Additionally, they offer the service of getting the electrical in place if you choose to opt for it. The items that will not be included which you will need to purchase yourself are the foundation, plumbing, lighting, roof shingles, and appliances.

The process of log house construction is something that will take care of for you. If you choose the ‘built’ package from them, they will build the exterior of the home directly on your foundation. Even if you don’t opt for the ‘built’ package, their team will be willing to do the research about local contractors in your area and put you in touch with them. Either way, you will be sure to have a beautiful, assemble log home on your property to enjoy for years to come.

If interesting in buying a home from, they are very easy to contact to discuss their plans and details of their business. You can view detailed photos of the Carolina log home on their website, and also view floor plans of what the one and a half floors would look like. If pricing is a feature you are concerned about before moving ahead with a purchase, the website has a contact form or a phone number you can call. The team will be more than happy to help you with making you dream of log home ownership a reality.

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