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When it comes to easy dinner ideas, chilli is one homemade meal that comes to mind. It's so hearty, healthy and delicious, plus it's super easy to make. There are a lot of different thoughts about where chilli came from, but one thing is for certain. Chilli did not originate in Mexico like many people think it did. Most historians believe that the earliest chilli recipes were created by those less well off. Meat has always been expensive to buy, so to make it stretch, families would serve it in stews and chilli recipes. It's said that the first chilli recipe was written down in the 17th century by a nun named Sister Mary of Agreda from Spain. But this seems to just be a legend. In the 18th century in America, there were Spanish settlers who made a spicy stew that's very similar to modern-day chilli, and it's been said that travellers loved to bring chilli along with them on their expeditions. By the 1900s chilli was very well known and even sold. There are many different variations of these recipes, so it's fun to try out different versions and see which ones you like best.

This easy chilli recipe is one of the many homemade meals and easy dinner ideas from Angie of Big Bear's Wife. This chilli recipe was actually one of her husband Thomas' recipes. She says that she and Thomas have very different ideas on chilli. Angie considers chilli the stuff that you put on hot dogs while Thomas thinks that both his version of chilli and what she thinks to be chilli are the same thing. What do you think? While chilli does take a long time to simmer and cook, it's totally worth the wait time in the end. The prep work is pretty minimal and usually only takes about 10 minutes or so. From this recipe, you'll get about 6 quarts of chilli which is great for lunches and dinners and even as a snack. In this chilli recipe, Thomas uses sausage instead of ground meat. This is a good idea since the sausage is already seasoned with a ton of flavour that will go into the chilli. He also uses ground beef in the recipe as well though like a regular chilli recipe. You can use leaner turkey or chicken meat if you wish, or you can even leave the meat out entirely for a vegan or vegetarian option.

When it comes to the spices in chilli, there are many variations in the type and amount of spice used. Thomas uses some cumin, ancho chilli powder, ground mustard, onion powder, garlic powder, a lot of beans and tomato paste. Once you have all of your ingredients ready, bring out a large stock pot and start out by browning the meat. Don't leave the sausage in large pieces, but break it up with a wooden spoon as you would the ground meat. Then you add in your spices and allow the flavours to sink into the meat flavouring it. Drain the meat if needed as well and then add in the tomato paste and stir really well to combine. Then drain the beans and rinse them off and add them into the mix. You'll also need to add about three cans of water into the mix too and stir well. The key is to bring it to a boil and then reduce the heat and allow it to simmer for a couple of hours before you eat it. You could also try making this easy dinner idea in your crock pot too. Try this and other homemade meals from Big Bear's Wife.***

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