Super Easy One Pot Lasagna

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So many convenience foods that are available today are top quality. They also make our every day lives so much easier and life go more smoothly. Here is a recipe where using no boil lasagna noodles in the recipe to make Super Easy One Pot Lasagna, makes it, well, super easy. This is a terrific recipe that includes a few interesting ingredients that will give your lasagna flavor punch that your family will really enjoy.

Lasagna is a dish every one loves when it is made, but in its original form, lasagna can take all day to prepare, especially if you are making the ultra classic recipe. A truly classic recipe can include a minimum of a three meat sauce (with meatballs) and preparing the noodles ahead of time. It is true that when you do take the time to make something as rich and fabulous as traditional lasagna entirely from scratch you reap the reward of an unbelievable product. So once a year, for the holidays, do take the time to make this unparalleled dish. In the meantime, though, quick versions such as this one make a delicious choice that your family can enjoy much more often. It has all the components of a traditional recipe, but using a few convenience foods and quick methods that speed up everything immeasurably. One other small advantage is that this lasagna is lower in fat than a traditional recipe, and that is something we can all be happy about.

Try this recipe today. It will only take a few minutes to put together, then you leave it sit in one pot and cook until it is ready. And the one pot is another time saver because the clean up time is quick and easy. Enjoy this recipe soon. You know your family will.

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