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You just moved into a new place, and you're likely to be very excited to decorate. One of the main things you'll need in your home that will not only make it feel cosier, but will filter out light and create privacy in your home is your curtains. Curtains can end up costing you a lot of money. Even if you buy them at places like Walmart where they are more affordable. You can also make your own, but this can also end up to be very expensive since fabric is so expensive. Then you would have to do all of the work of measuring and sewing them. If you have a lot of windows in your home, it could end up costing you a lot of money to dress your windows so thank goodness there is a more affordable way. Emily from The Wicker House is the genius behind this diy idea on Hometalk. She teaches us how to make some diy curtains very affordably out of cotton top sheets from Walmart. The best thing is, you can choose the colour that will match your home decor, and they only cost around $5 each. So if you have a lot of windows to dress like Emily did, you can save a lot of money doing it this way.

You can't buy any curtains for less, and fabric would most certainly cost you more. So if you're going for a simple, down to earth look in your home, these diy curtains are a great idea. Emily used white sheets which always look great, but you could choose any colour or even sheets with a pattern on them if you like. So you'll get one twin size sheet for each window. So if you have 1 window, just get one sheet and if you have 4 windows get 4 sheets. Wash the sheets and dry them as you usually would and then iron them. Then cut each of the sheets in half lengthwise which will create your two curtain panels and hem the edges. If you have larger windows, you may want to leave your sheets intact and use a full sheet for each panel, but this will still end up being very affordable and easy. Then, you have to make the loops for the curtain rod to go through. So all you need to do is cut evenly spaced slits into one side of the large hem at the very top of the sheet. Just make sure to only cut one side of the fabric, so your curtain rod is hidden. These loops will also create nice, even pleating in your new sheet curtains.

If you don't want your curtains long, you can also hem them by measuring them to the length you want them and then leaving an inch or two of fabric to fold over before you cut them. Then use your iron to create a nice fold and create a hem with your sewing machine. Once that's all done, you can loop your curtain rod through the loopholes you created in your sheet and then hang them above your windows. You can see how great they look in Emily's sunroom in her home. Imagine how great a set of these sheet curtains would look in your home. If you want, you could also buy more expensive sheets and still save money. Even by purchasing a $20 sheet to use for curtains you're still saving a lot of money. Try out this and other great diy ideas and do it yourself home projects from Hometalk and from Emily's website The Wicker House.***

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