Super Good Smoothies

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We are often admonished to not drink our calories when we are watching our weight. But these make ahead oatmeal smoothies are so filling and satisfying they can replace a meal while providing super nutrition and tasting great. The best thing about these smoothies is just how much variety and choice you have when you make them.

The thing about smoothies is that they can also provide hidden nutrition, and get your kids to eat things they might otherwise turn up their noses at. If you have finicky eaters, or kids that just don’t want to eat things that are good for them, the smoothie should be your new go to food. When you blend it all up in a blender, stick it into a cool container such as a jar and serve it up with a brightly colored straw, somehow it just seems to taste better. No blender? Now might be the time to buy one. They make smoothies really well, hide good nutrition, and are reasonably priced. Pennies tight? Buy one used. People often upgrade their kitchens and buy new items even when their old ones still work just fine. And you can often pick up a blender for just a couple of dollars and get plenty of life from it.

If you have little ones who always seem to want something sweet, you can rim your glass or jar with a bit of sugar. After all, a little bit won’t hurt, and if your kids can see it, and lick it off the rim, it may help to satisfy their desire for sweetness. Rim the glass in lemon or lime first, then dunk it in the sugar. The sweet-sour tang may really appeal to little ones. Meantime, you can fill them with oats, fruit, yogurt, maybe even chia seeds or flax seeds hidden in the smoothie. All of these ingredients pack powerful nutrition punches including fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and plenty of other positive contributors to your good health, and the health of your family.If you want to add milk or juice, choose skim milk powder and real fruit instead. These are higher in nutrition, fiber and vitamins than their counterparts. Smoothies are a great way to get kids to take in high nutrition, fast. It is a great breakfast, snack, or even, in a pinch, lunch food.

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