Super Moist Double Chocolate Banana Bread

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This healthy banana bread recipe has plenty of chocolate flavor. The banana bread is super moist, and with all that chocolate it will satisfy any chocolate craving you might have. And you can slather a thick slice of this banana bread with some creamy peanut butter for an extra special treat. This banana bread is rich and chocolatey, but you can still taste the banana. The ingredients you'll need for this banana bread recipe include butter, brown sugar, white sugar, egg, vanilla extract, bananas, sour cream, flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, and milk chocolate chips. You will want to remember to make sure that the banana bread is baked all the way through, with the time listed in the recipe as a guideline, because every oven is different. You want to be sure and check this with a tester to help ensure it’s baked through. For the full step by step banana bread recipe, you'll want to take a look at the Buns In My Oven site.

Cocoa powder is an unsweetened powder that is made by grinding cacao beans and then pressing out the cocoa butter, which is also known as fat. The resulting cocoa powder left behind is low in fat but has an intense chocolatey taste. Cocoa powder is most commonly used in dessert recipes and baked goods, where the cocoa powder is mixed with sugar and fats, such as butter, margarine, or with coconut oil. The difference between alkalized and natural cocoa powder is that cocoa powder is most often available in two varieties to include natural cocoa powder and alkalized, or Dutch-processed, cocoa powder. Dutch-processed cocoa powder involves treating the cocoa with an alkali to help reduce the acidity, and by doing that, removes any sour flavors. Dutch-processed cocoa is a variety that often has a deeper or redder brown color, and has a more palatable flavor because some of the acidity in the cocoa powder has been removed. Dutch processed cocoa has a rich chocolatey taste. For home baking recipes and dessert recipes, you usually use more sugar in the processed variety of cocoa powder.

These days there might be some confusion over the difference between cacao and cocoa as a recipe ingredient. Recently, manufacturers of raw vegan food products have used the more authentic spelling of the word in an attempt to distinguish their health products from products which use roasted cacao beans. So, in general, when you see the word cacao, it generally refers to the raw vegan chocolate products which come from unroasted cacao chocolate beans which are minimally processed with no additives. Like many raw food products you find today, raw cacao gets a lot of hype for its magical nutritive and health properties. Raw cacao is reputed to be an ingredient that is able to improve heart function, lower cholesterol and reduce stress in people. However, raw cacao is still chocolate, and there are health concerns with eating too much chocolate, mostly because of the addition of sugar. The benefits of raw cacao are still questionable, though it's most likely not to be your miracle cure for all that ails you. It is still recommended to limit just how much chocolate you eat, no matter if the chocolate is raw, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or any other variety of chocolate.

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