Surprise Peanut Butter Cheesecakes

Photo Credit: Swanky Rescipes

Before you consider baking these cup cakes, go to the website and check out the photo of these lovely Surprise Peanut Butter Cheesecakes. The color of the frosting, how it is so perfectly swirled, the chunks of peanut butter cups, and even the cup cake itself, work together perfectly here. Even if you were not planning to bake today, this photo may change your mind.

We love to indulge ourselves, so when you do, choose something delicious. When you bake from great recipes, and from scratch, you can almost always be assured you will produce a dessert, snack or treat that is fabulous. How do you know when a recipe is a good one? Read the ingredients list. What do you find there? Is this dessert made with fresh butter, eggs, and good chocolate (if it is chocolate)? Is flavoring layered throughout the recipe to ensure an intricate flavor experience (so in some thing made with ginger is there fresh, dried, and possibly candied ginger in the recipe?)? Are there various layers or parts to the recipe that come together in a final flourish? These are some tips to knowing if a recipe is a good one. When desserts are made in stages, with various parts of the recipe made to enhance and contribute to the overall end result, you are probably looking at a good recipe. And while not all great recipes take longer to produce, often there is a level of skill involved that may take some care and attention. Do not be intimidated to try some recipe that seems complicated or difficult; the results will be worth the extra time, effort and energy that is needed to produce it.

This recipe is not particularly difficult, but it has several parts to the recipe. Each part is made entirely from scratch, using great ingredients to ensure a fabulous result. The photo of the cup cake, alone, tells you this is going to be good. So try it soon, and enjoy.

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