Swedish Apple Pie

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Every culture has its recipes, so why not try this version of Swedish Apple Pie for dinner tonight? It is an easy and quick version, much simpler than the heavy home made pies that come to us from our British forefathers (not that they are not absolutely heavenly and delicious, but we do not always have the time for this kind of food preparation). This dish allows us to have the enjoyment of apples saturated in lovely spices and with a great crust, but much more simply put together than a traditional North American pie.

This recipe blends the apples with great seasonings and puts them on the bottom of the pan then smothers it all with an easy topping. Bake and eat. Or better, bake and scoop over ice cream, and then eat. Apples are a fabulous food whether you eat them fresh or baked. Here, consider keeping the peel on the apple rather than peeling it off. This method increases the nutritional value of apples by adding plenty of fiber in to the mix. Apples are already practically a super food. They help regulate blood sugar levels; the phytonutrients work to prevent sugar spikes. That makes apples a great ingredient to include when you are baking with sugar. And they have lots of vitamins and minerals, to boot. Nuts are also part of this recipe. They are another action packed food that is valuable to include as part of your family’s daily food plan. A few nuts in the morning are a great way to start the day, and adding them, as this recipe does, to something sweet, improves the flavor of the dessert as well as bringing extra nutrition to the table.

So enjoy this dessert when you have a bit of time to make something special for dessert. Or prepare this quick dish on a night when the dinner was light, and every one wants something sweet later on in the evening. This dish will hit the spot, so enjoy.

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