Sweet and Spicy Dirty Meatballs

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These Sweet and Spicy Dirty Meatballs are stuffed with tender pulled pork and then they are coated in a delicious sweet and spicy barbecue sauce. You can serve this homemade meatballs recipe with some roasted potatoes and barbecue sauce on the side for dipping. This Spicy Dirty Meatballs recipe idea has everything you love about pulled pork in a bite size meatball. These would work great as an appetizer or for a main dish. The best part about this easy meatball recipe is that there are bits of pork along the edge of the meatball that get extra crispy. The inside on these homemade meatballs stays juicy, and the meatball is coated in a sticky sweet and spicy barbecue sauce. For the easy meatball recipe, some of the ingredients include ground beef, pulled pork, kosher salt and a homemade barbecue sauce recipe. The homemade barbecue sauce has ingredients like apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and paprika. A good suggestion for this homemade meatballs recipe is to put aside a bit of pulled pork the next time you have it in the house because these meatballs are an excellent way to use up pulled pork leftovers. You can use the sweet and spicy barbecue sauce for these meatballs, or you might consider the Sweet Baby Ray's original barbecue sauce as a grocery store alternative. The nice thing about this homemade meatballs recipe is that it is baked so it makes this recipe idea a bit more healthy as opposed to frying them. The meatballs are a nice size if you make them the suggested one-inch size. You can place them in a preheated oven on top of a baking pan that has been lined with aluminum foil.

When it comes to how to make homemade meatballs, it's always a good idea to get ground beef that comes from happy cows. Free range grass fed beef ensures that the cows are not fed with corn or soy based diet. Free range beef is beef that has been raised on grass pasture. The cows have a diet full of nutrient-rich grasses and pasture forage. Hopefully, the cows have been able to get plenty of outdoor time to graze and get some fresh air. When you eat beef that comes from happy cows, you can feel better about what you eat. Beef is meat that comes from bovines, with most of beef coming from cattle but also to include buffalo and bison. Beef can be harvested from bulls, steers or heifers.

When it comes to barbecue sauce, there are a few ingredients that are key in the tasty recipe. These ingredients include vinegar, brown sugar, ketchup and Worcestershire sauce. The brown sugar in a barbecue sauce is essential as it has a unique taste of its own. Brown sugar is a sucrose sugar product that has a distinctive brown color because of the presence of molasses. Barbecue sauce also known as BBQ sauce can be used in all sorts of recipes from marinades, basting or as a topping for meat that is typically cooked by barbecuing or grilling. One of the ingredients that you will sometimes find in barbecue sauce recipes is molasses.

Thank you to Mary at the Barefeet in The Kitchen recipe site for sharing this easy meatball recipe for sweet and spicy dirty meatballs. This is just one of the homemade meatballs recipes you will find on the site. Some of the recipes you will find on the site include breakfast ideas, appetizers, main dish, side dish, desserts, gluten free ideas, salads, sandwich recipes and so much more. *

Nutrition Facts for: Sweet and Spicy Dirty Meatballs from Barefeet In The Kitchen
Ingredients: Cooked pulled pork, ground beef, kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper, barbecue sauce.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 48 servings.* Per Serving: Calories 56, Calories from Fat 11, Total Fat 1.2g 2%, Saturated Fat 0.4g 2%, Cholesterol 20mg 7%, Sodium 155mg 6%, Potassium 119mg 3%, Carbohydrates 3.8g 1%, Dietary Fiber 0.1g 0%, Sugars 2.7g, Protein 6.8g, Vitamin A 0%, Vitamin C 0%, Calcium 0%, Iron 16%

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