Sweet and Spicy Glazed Ribs

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Sweet and Spicy Asian Glazed Ribs can be a satisfying dinner that meets the desire for both some thing that tastes sweet and some thing that tastes hot. Our so called gustatory perceptions can recognize and appreciate as many as six distinct flavors. These include the sweet and piquant (hot) flavors found in this Asian Ribs dish. It can also include sour, umami (an earthy, somewhat mushroom like, deep flavor) salty and bitter. Historical research suggests that there are particular areas of the mouth that experience particular flavors. So sweet is at the tip of the tongue whereas salty lies on the sides of the mouth, and the back of the throat experiences bitterness. Further research suggests that taste sensors exist all over the mouth, rather than in specific locations. In any event, when we taste something, it is definitely in the mouth that we get it!

This dish is made in two steps, like most rib recipes. First, the ribs are boiled to make them tender, moist and juicy. Then the rub or sauce is applied and the ribs are broiled or baked to infuse the dish with the (in this case) sweet and spicy Asian glaze. They are easy to make, even with these two parts to the dish, so do not be intimidated to try ribs. And there are plenty of different kinds of ribs, even beyond pork and beef ribs. So check out all the different kinds of meat, including chicken that you could use this great glaze for. As well, this recipe calls for rice as the accompaniment to this dinner dish. That is a great grain. You can choose white rice or improve the nutrition of the dish with brown rice or other whole grain varieties of rice. As well, put some steamed greens, especially ones that are sweet, such as Swiss chard, against this combination of ribs and rice. The Chard is a super complement. Or, make potatoes and carrots, another sweet veggie that works well with the Asian flavors.

Try this dish whenever you feel like having an Asian afternoon. Everyone will enjoy it, and the flavor is a nice break from our usual North American meals.

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