Sweet BBQ Meatloaf

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Ever wonder how to cook meatloaf? Thanks to Shannon of Cozy Country Living for her Sweet BBQ Loaf healthy meatloaf recipe she is sure will be a great addition to your recipe book for many years to come. Not only will you learn how to cook meatloaf,but this easy meatloaf recipe is a versatile dish and is a healthy meatloaf recipe that can be made in many different ways with many different ingredients and is not time consuming and is filling and can store well.

Most everyone has a easy meatloaf recipe whether passed down or as this one that you have come across in your search for an epicurean delight. It is easy to make and once formed it can be baked or smoked depending on your desired cooking method. The first time any type of meatloaf recipe was written down goes back to the 5th century in the Roman cookery collection Apicius. It was a traditional German, Scandinavian and Belgium recipe and from that time so long ago it has become a staple for most people around the world. It isn’t always made in the exact same way, loaf form, but as long as you have ground meat and something to help bind everything together than you have a type of meatloaf recipe. It first made its official appearance in America in colonial times and was probably brought over with the original German and Scandinavian immigrants. It finally found it’s rightful place in the recipe books in the late 19th century. Many of us are glad it finally got into print so we can take that original recipe and as we all do we can put our own spin on the ingredients and the topping.

Shannon gives us an easy take with her sweet bbq loaf easy meatloaf recipe. She has made the ingredients simple to find and ones that most people have in their pantry or fridge. Not only that, but with low processed condiments, lean organic beef and the addition of heart healthy oats, you have a healthy meatloaf recipe too! She goes with the lean ground beef but you can also go with the extra lean or with pork, chicken and most every type of meat. That is the beauty of meatloaf recipes, they allow us to make many different substitutions and still call it a type of loaf. She also includes rolled oats, a great addition since they are healthy and add fiber, and adds an onion in the mix as well as topping it with ketchup. You can also go with tomato paste or really whatever tickles your fancy. The topping is basically there to keep it moist since it is usually cooked uncovered. The beauty of loaf recipes is in the unlimited option of adding things you like. Chopped hardboiled eggs, carrots, celery and even most types of cheese just to name a few. Most meatloaves will cook for about one and a half hours, depending on the weight/size, and the preparation is approximately twenty to twenty five minutes again depending on what you decide to put inside that tasty meat blanket.

The next time you are debating on what to make for your family or friends take a minute to look at Shannon’s take on this sweet bbq loaf easy meatloaf recipe which has travelled across the ocean to make it’s way onto your table. Remember recipes are made not only to follow but also to inspire you. Just read along how to make meatloaf and you will love these delicious ingredients and combinations that are shared in this healthy meatloaf recipe.*

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