Sweet Corn and Bacon Salad

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This recipe offers a truly to-die-for blend to create a Sweet Corn and Bacon Salad. Normally, this salad is served in the summer time, when corn can be purchased fresh and produces the sweetest contrast to the salty and sultry bacon, and heat of the jalepenos. But this recipe is good enough to consider making even when you must use frozen corn—which freezes really quite well, all things considered.

This recipe might be so delicious because of the basic tastes that it incorporates in to the single dish. Some food pundits say that to have a fully satisfying meal the five basic tastes need to be satisfied. The five basic tastes include sour, sweet, salty, bitter and umami. Umami is a somewhat elusive flavor that is deep and sultry, and arguably, present in foods such as the bacon in this recipe. There is also a sixth basic taste, called piquant or spicy. Certainly, with the growing love of spicy foods around the world, you might think that spicy merits consideration as a basic taste. In any event, this dish captures many of the basic tastes and provides a fantastic complement and contrast of flavors when you eat it. It is a satisfying and delicious salad, perfect to serve year round. This dish is also great as a lunch, served with something as simple as cornbread, or an herb yeast bread.

Any way you serve it up, try this salad soon. It is best in the summer when corn is fresh, but do not pass up on this dish if it is mid-winter. Its robust flavors will please everyone in the family. Serve with any meat or fish, and round out with potatoes or steamed mixed greens. Enjoy this salad soon!

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