Sweet Corn and Cheddar Cheese Fritters

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Sweet Corn and Cheddar Cheese Fritters are a modern twist on an old classic dish that is enjoyed in many cultures. Fritters are made in a lot of places and enjoyed by many cultures around the world. Often, the fritter is made with an outside dough and some kind of filling. The filling can range wildly. Some fillings are meats; others can be cheeses; still more can be a combination of fruits or veggies. Many are served with dips or sauces. Most are eaten warm, but some taste good cold, too. You could likely travel around the world and eat only fritters as you moved from country to country. And what fun you would have, too!

These fritters are a contemporary and North American twist on this classic and traditional dish. Here, there is no separate crust from the inner stuffing. Instead, and making the dish easier to make and create, really, the ingredients are simply blended and then fried. In this dish, the blend of ingredients is veggies and cheese, a very popular combination of food here in North America, and flavors that kids love. These are served plain, without any specific dressing. If you want to really entice the kids, serve out some mayonnaise, add some lime and garlic, maybe some paprika and serve that along side. The kids will love it.

This is an easy dish to make, and one that contains all the goodness of fresh corn kernels, peppers and cheese. So it blends great protein, calcium, magnesium, and lots of other good nutrition in to this dish. Every one will enjoy this dish, and it will be a great thing to serve up at night as a snack, for lunch with a great green salad, or as part of a larger evening meal. Since this dish tastes good at room temperature, too, you could also make a big batch to bring to any community supper. So try this recipe soon.

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