Sweet Corn Bean Chowder

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If you are having a day where you just feel like some comfort food is what you are yearning for take solace in the fact that you will now have a recipe for chowder that is sure to bring a smile to your face and comfort to your soul. This easy corn chowder recipe from Karly is sure to make good use of the corn crops for this year. If you want a healthy corn chowder recipe then take this one or anyone you find and make it healthy by adding or taking away any ingredients that you feel don’t live up to your health standards. You have the ability to take any recipe you find and sculpt it to meet your health or tastes standards. Never settle for something you are not 100% sure or happy about. You can make any recipe for corn chowder a healthy corn chowder recipe by using your creativity to make it fit your needs.

An easy corn chowder recipe can be made into a healthy one by your own hand and by the needs of your specific diners. With so many corn crops being planted you will always have corn to make your chowders with. Corn or maize as the indigenous Mexican people know it has been part of their eating culture for millennia. The first any European heard about corn was not until Columbus brought the corn plant back to Europe after his initial exploration of the new world back in the 1500’s. Once the rest of the world found out about this easily grown crop the popularity boomed and you can now find it growing just about in every part of the world. It is an easy and resilient crop and thus it has become as widespread as it has. You can now even make fuel with this sustainable crop that is also the basis for corn meal and many flat breads. If you try to imagine the world without corn then you would start to slowly realize that it is included not only in many recipes but also is used for things you might not have realized.

Just think what watching a movie would be like without having a large bag of buttered and salted popcorn to munch on while the movie plays. The United States is responsible for 40% of the world supply of the yellow gold. Karly expertly introduces it to her recipe and adds beans to give this soup recipe a bang that you might not realize until a few hours later. Beans are a great source of protein so if you are a vegan then any recipe that can provide this valuable thing our body needs is welcomed. Chowders are a thick soup that can also be called a stew if is made thick enough. Many types of chowder might have started out as stew. This corn chowder recipe can also include other veggies if you desire since any recipe is made to be an inspiration to you. Thanks to Karly of Buns In My Oven Blog for this yummy Sweet Corn Bean Chowder and bon apetit.**

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