Sweet Cornbread Cake with Salted Honey Butter Frosting

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If you are looking for a twist to your classic white cake recipe, this sweet cornbread cake recipe should take its place. This cake recipe has the added crunchiness and dried corn flavour of cornmeal while it is topped with a buttery frosting recipe sweetened with honey. This cornmeal cake recipe is not very different from your typical method of how to make cornbread, but it contains a higher proportion of flour to the cornmeal, as well as the dessert flavours of honey and vanilla.

This cake is not like your quick and easy cornbread recipe, because this cake recipe contains sugar, whereas it is debatable about whether or not cornbread recipes should contain any sugar at all. Traditional cornbread recipes of the southern United States don’t often include any sweeteners, although it seems to depend on who is making the cornbread, as several people enjoy their cornbread sweetened. Also, unlike cornbread, this corn cake recipe is different because it isn’t baked in a cast iron pan. Often, cornbread is baked in a well-seasoned, pre-heated cast iron pan which gives cornbread its signature browned crust. Instead, this cornbread cake recipe is baked in eight-inch cake pans lined with parchment paper, so they don’t stick and has a lighter, more cakey consistency rather than being bread-like.

Ingrid, the author of ‘The Cozy Apron’, has the tendency to bring out the best flavour in all her recipes, and it is no different with this easy cake recipe. Ingrid toasts the cornmeal in a frying pan before adding to her cake batter because it enhances the taste of the cornmeal and results in an even more delicious cake. The nutty flavour of the cornmeal and the tangy buttermilk adds complexity to the cake recipe, which marries beautifully with the honey frosting recipe. Besides these differences to other cake recipes, baking cakes follow the classic steps of alternating dry ingredients and wet ingredients into a bowl of creamed butter and sugar. Although honey is added to the cake for flavour, the granulated sugar is still a requirement for the structure of the cake, because sugar absorbs moisture and helps bind everything together.

Amazing cake recipes require a striking finishing component and in the case of this cake, the star is the salted honey butter frosting recipe. The combination of salt with desserts is a trend that is not going away, and it is no wonder why. Salt can open the palette to all the complexities of food and make it much more enjoyable to eat than it already is. There isn’t a lot of salt in this recipe, but what is there highlights the honey and turns this frosting recipe into something truly special. If you want to be extra creative, consider omitting the salt from the icing, instead substitute with a showy flaked salt, like Fleur de sel or pink-flaked salt, and sprinkle it over the top of the finished cake. Thank you, Ingrid, at ‘The Cozy Apron’, for showing us her showstopping sweet cornbread cake with salted honey butter frosting recipe. **

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