Sweet Cream Cheese Bundles

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Enjoy this Sweet Cream Cheese Bundles recipe, which is a simple blend of cream cheese and sugar popped inside a commercial puff pastry dough. This Sweet Cream Cheese Bundles recipe is so very simple that you must make it with the kids. Although you will have to prepare the dough (just pull it out and cut it up in to the right size squares that you need) the kids can help you put the filling in to each of the squares. They may also be able to help fold the Sweet Cream Cheese Bundles and pop them on the pan for baking. This recipe is very simple and you can choose to dress it up in so very many ways. And there are plenty of ways to make these Sweet Cream Cheese Bundles that you and the family will love.

This cheese bundlerecipe can have various things put in to the middle of it. Although it starts with a cream cheese filling, you could also put a small amount of chocolate, perhaps a single square from a chocolate bar, in to the middle. Bake and serve. Or add jam. Whether you like strawberry jam or blueberry, a tiny amount would work wonderfully well. Just pop it on top of the cream cheese that goes in the middle or blend some of the jam right in to the cream cheese. Either way will work great. AS well, you could go to the work of sprinkling nuts on the outside of the bundles before you bake them. Something such as almonds, sliced, would work out well. Just spread a bit of egg on the top of the bundles so that the almonds will cling to the egg as it bakes. Then you will have a bit of crunchiness in the bundles that will taste terrific. You could also sprinkle icing sugar over the bundles when they come out of the oven. Do it while the bundles are hot and really saturate the tops with the icing sugar. Some of it will soak in to the bundles and create an interesting layer while the rest will just sit on the top and make this pretty little treat look very sweet and yummy.

This Sweet Cream Cheese Bundles recipe is a fun one, and one that you can make up with the kids in a lot of different and interesting ways. This is a simple dessert recipe, too, that will not take any time to make, and will taste delicious with your afternoon cup of tea. So many plenty of these sweet cream cheese bundles this afternoon, or there will be none left when the older kids get home from school tonight. Enjoy this recipe soon.

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