Sweet Dinner Rolls

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These pretty, made from scratch, sweet dinner rolls, will make a splash hit with your family. Fresh and home made bread is always welcome at every dinner table. Every culture makes bread. It is the quintessential food that works with every meal. It is simple and delicious, although the French, of course, with their wonderful culinary skills, developed the complex bread called viennoiseries, and the Italians, with their pannetone, another fabulous and challenging bread, have raised bread to a supreme culinary art form. In any case, this much simpler, but still eminently fabulous bread, will please your family’s palette when you make this for dinner tonight.

Bread is simple to make, and any home made bread is vastly superior to what ever you buy at the store, even if you go to a farmer’s market and buy some thing that is ostensibly home made. That happens for a few reasons. First, when you make the bread from scratch, you will almost certainly do some of the kneading by hand (unless you are using a bread machine, and do not). Hand kneading creates a character in the bread and the load that distinguishes it from all machine kneading. Second, your bread will be truly fresh. Even farmer’s market bread is almost always one day old. And nothing, absolutely nothing, beats getting fresh bread out of the oven, basting it with butter (well, honey butter in this case) and then gobbling up piece after piece until you are eminently satisfied.

Home made bread is delicious, and this recipe, which draws on honey butter as part of the method, will produce a slightly sweet, honey flavored dinner roll that will be fantastic. Enjoy it soon. You may never buy bread again. And why would you? If you practice making bread for even a short time, you will find that you can put a few loaves on and they will be ready, without much effort, in only a few hours. And teach the kids. After all, they are going to eat, so let them learn to bake a loaf or two!

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