Sweet Donut Balls

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Try these sweet donut balls also known as piroshky, or sometimes, pirizhky, depending on which country you are talking about with respect to this pretty dessert or snack food. Piroshky are often savory with a variety of fillings, but they can just as easily be made in to a sweet donut ball, as this recipe illustrates. Either way, the basic premise is a simple yeast dough that is filled with whatever you happen to desire to put in it, then fried until crisp and brown. They can be and often are, baked in the oven. Both methods are fabulous. After all, what could be less than delicious about a home made yeast bread stuffed with sweets or meats or whatever you have chosen to do with them (perhaps a mix of both sweet and savory; who knows?). Try this recipe soon, and you will see how easy they are to make.

This recipe fills the donut balls with poppy seeds and sweet milk. That means this dish will be slightly tender and very moist with the nutty and earthy flavor of the poppy seeds prominent in this dish. Poppy seeds give any thing a lovely flavor of the earth and nuttiness as well as a great crunch. Be sure to heat the oil to the correct temperature when you make these donut balls. The dough needs to be cooked quickly, but not too quickly so it burns, and you do not want to introduce an off flavor by leaving the dough in the oil too long. A nice bubbling around the dough is usually a good indicator of a good temperature. The recipe also gives some good tips to ensure good results for these donut balls.

This is a recipe that requires a bit of time and attention to ensure the dough rises well, is the right consistency, properly shaped around the filling, and then bakes up nicely. Enjoy these donut balls, or pirizhky, soon!

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