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The Moose log cabin design is the perfect little getaway to spend weekends and holidays away. The log cabin building incorporates a covered porch on the gable end under the same roof line. The size will depend on what the customer wants and need. The adorable cabin building kits feature a large living/kitchen area, a bedroom, and a bath. The upstairs loft is suitable for sleeping or storage. The Moose cabin building kit is delivered and placed on your foundation either crawlspace or basement as an assembled prebuilt log cabin design. The front and rear porch is pre-built as part of the cabin building kit and can be built in any size.

Deer Run Cabins is a log cabin building company located in Campbellsville, Kentucky. The log cabin designs company is a second generation Amish cabin company that offers both pre-built modular log cabins and build-on-site log cabin designs across the entire United States and Canada. They provide the most insulated pre-built cabin and log cabin building kits in Kentucky.

There are many reasons people consider building a log cabin design. One of the most popular reasons for log cabin builds is that wood cabins that are built properly are known to withstand whatever mother nature throws at them. Over the years, there have also been stories of log cabins withstanding fires that have burnt around log cabin buildings without destroying the cabins structural integrity. This goes to show that log cabin designs have a fire resistive nature of solid wood walls. It is a combination of both the insulating response of the wood char at the surface with the slow rate at which flames spread along log surfaces and the fact that there are no concealed cavities in properly built log walls through which fire can travel. So a log cabin designs seem to be the ultimate fire blocker when it comes to home builds. When full round logs are used for the log cabin builds the log cabin trusses, the roof beam's, and the porch posts it goes a long way into making a log cabin a top choice for safety, fire resistance, and endurance. As an organic material, woods are combustible, but because of their insulating and charring qualities, they produce an astounding overall resistance to fire. While logs begin to char at 300 degrees Fahrenheit, the wood underneath the charred surface remains structurally sound. So not only are log cabin designs beautiful to look at and long lasting they are probably the most weather resistant builds you can own.

The Moose log cabin kit is just one of the cabins you will find on the Deer Run Cabins site. All of their log cabin designs exceed 2009 International Energy Code compliance and are state inspected at their mill. The log cabin company and log cabin kits currently offer the only cabins in Kentucky that exceed and are approved through the KIBS (Kentucky Industrialized Building Systems) as a modular dwelling. You will find several log cabin designs to choose from on the site. **

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