Sweet Potato Pomme Anna

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These quaint, sweet potato stacks will have your guests raving when you place them on the table. Dotted with thyme sprigs and caramelised lightly on the outsides, this sweet potato recipe produces adorable bites that are also crazy delicious. Katja, the author of The Savory Lotus recipe blog, came up with this potato recipe when she was inspired by Pomme Anna and the availability of sweet potatoes during the fall. Although sweet potatoes are being harvested during Autumn, they are available all year round because they store very well in the right conditions. Rather than merely enjoying this bright orange root vegetable during the cooler months of September and October, consider preparing this sweet potato Pomme Anna recipe all year round.

There are numerous types of potato dishes in the world and different ways of bringing out varying characteristics of a potato. If you want to enhance the creamy, fluffiness of potatoes, you boil and mash them, whereas if you admire their ability to get crispy, you can fry or bake them. In the case of this Pomme Anna recipe, both the crispy and fluffy features of sweet potatoes are highlighted. Pomme Anna recipes are very simple, requiring only some firm potatoes and salted butter. Thinly sliced potatoes are stacked to form a large cake and doused in the butter. Baking the potato mixture allows the potatoes to soften, so they adhere together in a cake and stay intact when unmolded, while the high temperature of the oven also browns and crisps up the outside. This dish is usually prepared with regular potatoes, rather than sweet potatoes. Since this delicious potato recipe is often made into a cake, it is cut into wedges when served. Katja’s sweet potato Pomme Anna recipe is her take on the original, only instead of traditional potatoes, she used bright orange sweet potatoes, and rather than making a large cake, she makes tiny stacks that are easy to portion out for a crowd.

Katja makes the potato stacks small and cute, but since most don’t have a tiny cake pan. The secret to Katja’s stacks is that she uses a muffin tin to shape them into uniform sizes. The potato stacks bake in the muffin tin long enough that they will hold their shapes when removed, and then baked on a baking sheet to crisp the outsides. If you are concerned that the sweet potatoes might stick to your muffin pan, you could line the bottom of each cup with a round of greased parchment paper. If your muffin tin is new and non-stick, you shouldn’t have a problem, though. The best way to ensure the potato slices stick together is to make sure the slices are equal sizes. You can slice the potatoes with a knife, but the best way to get evenly sliced potatoes that are very thin would be to use a mandoline. A mandoline is an excellent investment is you like cooking scalloped potato recipes or thinly slicing other vegetables, like beets or cabbage for salads.

The next time you are looking for different ways to cook potatoes, consider Katja’s sweet potato recipe. The dish is a lovely explosion of sweet, caramelised taste, seasoned with salt and pepper, and studded with earthy thyme. If you feel inclined to try a full-sized Pomme Anne recipe, you could stack the sweet potatoes in a cake pan instead for an experiment. Just adjust the time accordingly, since a larger amount of potatoes may require more time to cook through. Thank you to Katja, the author of The Savory Lotus recipe blog, for sharing her sweet potato Pomme Anna recipe with us.

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