Sweet Rub Roasted Chicken

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Sweet Rub Roasted Chicken is yet one more way to make a dinner that is delicious and tantalizing and that your family will just gobble right up. This recipe combines, as the website blogger and recipe creator comments, ingredients that are “sweet, spicy and savory all in one bite.” And that is just what you get from this great blend of spices used to create a rub for this chicken. The hard work is putting the spices together; then you just rub, marinate and bake. So this dish is easy and offers a great opportunity for a new cook to work with spices and come to understand their flavors better. Learning how spices work to create complex flavors is a fun and fascinating process. This recipe helps a new cook on the road to this understanding.

This recipe is quick and easy. It follows a few steps that might not be familiar to you or your new cook. Read the recipe through so you understand all the steps involved. This does not take much time, and will produce a really lovely result. Serve this chicken with rice, and perhaps white rice in this case, which will really help to showcase the great blend of spices. Add a steamed green, like Swiss Chard, or perhaps carrots, both of which have slightly sweet flavor tones that will go well with this dish.

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