Szechuan Noodles With Spicy Beef Sauce

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Try these Szechuan noodles with spicy beef sauce and add a new cooking dimension to your family’s eating style. This recipe uses plenty of authentic ingredients in order to get the true flavor Szechuan cooking on to your dinner table. None of the ingredients is too exotic that they wouldn’t almost certainly be at your grocery store, though. Try this dish tonight. Once you have the ingredients assembled, it is a very quick dish, filled with nutrition and fabulously delicious to eat. The recipe calls for long noodles, which is classic, but consider rice noodles or even short curly noodles, too. Anything works, really, and it is a fantastic meal.

Szechuan cooking comes from the Sichuan province of China. It is characterized by spicy and peppery flavors that add a bit of snap to your dinner. It is not too hot, however, and the heat should never overpower the flavors of the meat, chicken or fish that is being served. Still, it is characteristically hot, and cooling dishes are often served alongside hot ones to keep the palette from catching fire. One such dish is cucumber salad, which is refreshing, and would suit this dish perfectly.

The province of Sichuan, in southwestern China, is rich in natural resources, growing rice and vegetables and many different kinds of crops, such as mushrooms. It has a wonderful range of cuisine and serves dinners based on their sumptuousness, from an ordinary snack and household foods to sumptuous banquets. This part of China has long been admired for its cuisine. The cuisine uses Chile peppers from Mexico, somewhat surprisingly, that were incorporated perhaps 400 years ago, when western explorers first ventured that Far East carrying their wares from the new continent. Start your own adventure with this dish and you may be eating plenty more Szechuan in the future.

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