Tagalongs Cookie Bars

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Tagalongs cookie bars offer a fun twist on the Girl Guide patty of the same name. A triple layered bar imitates that original offering layers of shortbread, peanut butter filling all topped with a chocolate ganache. It is a pretty ribbon of color and texture that you and your family are sure to love. The base layer of shortbread is made using unsalted butter. Try it that way the first time you make these bars. The difference is surprising in the butter, and its impact on the flavor of the shortbread. It is worth the higher price of unsalted butter, and the annoyance of keeping it in the freezer (because there is no salt in it to preserve it, the unsalted butter left out will go bad). Regardless, try it at least once.

These bars are pretty layers with the middle a peanut flavored mixture. Chocolate, a natural complement to peanuts and all things peanut, goes on top. Together these flavors make a great bar to serve whenever one is needed. These bars are great for an afternoon pick me up, for guests and friends when they drop over, or to serve in the early evening after dinner. Cut the pieces small and be sure the bars are chilled. These babies are pretty sweet. For the chocolate layer, vegetable oil is recommended to be added to ensure the chocolate does not harden up too much when you layer it on the bars. You can also choose butter, which adds a nice flavor. Any way you make them, these are a lovely little bar to keep in mind for times when you have a picnic to attend, lots of kids are coming by, or you and your friends need something a bit sweet to finish off the afternoon. Try them soon.

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