Take 5 Poke Cake

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Can anything be better than a mid-afternoon pause with a cup of tea and a piece of Take 5 Poke Cake? Okay, maybe you take yours with an espresso, milk or coffee. You choose. Either way, its the perfect time of day to indulge in a little pick-me-up that will make your day just a little bit brighter. Invite a friend over and both of you can indulge yourselves in a little afternoon snack. You deserve it.

This take 5 poke cake gives you a bit of a break in the baking of it too. The recipe takes advantage of a box mix, which can be a real time saver while still providing a delicious end result. You can even buy organic mixes if you prefer.

The cake does need to be refrigerated overnight or for at least four hours, as recipe creator, Hayley Parker, recommends. Sometimes cakes simply taste better if the ingredients are allowed to sit and have the flavors mingle. This can often be true, especially of a poke cake where new flavors are introduced into the base cake. Letting the cake sit so flavors can mingle can really improve the taste. So dont rush it!

Little cooks and happy helpers may have a bit of trouble with this cake only because it needs to sit so long before you eat it. You may help to alleviate this challenge by having a few extra Take 5 Candy Bars on hand, one of the recipes ingredients, to offer your kids as they wait. This can be a great time to work on patience skills (although your kids might disagree)!

This recipe is really visually really pretty, combines smooth, creamy and crunchy taste textures as well as flavors of chocolate, peanut butter and whipped cream. Yum. What is not to like about this cake?

If you start this morning, and refrigerate it all day today, it could be ready to serve your family tonight. This dessert will quickly become a go to recipe for you, and one your family will ask for often. Most of the ingredients can also be kept on hand so you can easily put the cake together. The only trick might be how to keep from snacking on those Take 5 Bars!

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