Tangy Baked Chicken Wings

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Tangy Baked Chicken Wings are easy to get with this lovely recipe from the web site, Divas Can Cook. And so they can, or appear to, any way, with this terrific combination of seasonings that gets its tang from the twist of orange that is included in the sauce for the chicken wings. Yum. These wings are made in one of the several traditional ways to prepare wings. In this variation, the wings are lightly seasoned and then baked through. The sauce is then coated on the chicken wings and they are returned to the oven to sort of solidify the flavors and let them permeate the chicken.

There are plenty of ways to prepare chicken wings. Another method might use one part of the sauce to marinate the chicken wings for a few hours. That can help the flavors to really penetrate the meat, and really make the meat both tender and juicy when it is cooked. Try both. See which method you think works best. Chicken wings are great on their own, although it does seem as though every one eats a million of them. Making them from scratch, you might want to have a few sides around in order that you are not running back in to the kitchen to make more and more batches of them all night long. This is a great snack or even a main course if served with some thing like potatoes (loaded!) and other things. Raw veggies are often served (with a great dip, of course) along side of wings.

Chicken wings are always popular. They are quick and easy to make, and you can serve them with sauces on the side, or brush them and bake them right on, as this recipe does. Any way you make them, though, people will eat a rather astonishing number before they even begin to fill up. So double or triple the recipe and expect that every wing, no matter how many you make, will likely get gobbled up.

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