Tasty Peanut Butter Brownie Trifle

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What is it about peanut butter and chocolate that brings everyone running to the kitchen yelling, save some for me! Lets find out as we explore this tasty peanut butter brownie trifle that combines the best of flavors with a trifle layering that will have your family drooling just looking at the pretty layers of this special dish.

A trifle is a classic English dessert that makes its flavor impact from layers of complementary flavors that can include custard, sponge cake or cookies, fruit, whipped cream and other ingredients. For this particular dessert, creator Melissa has put a fun spin on the original by layering peanut butter mousse and adding in chunks of peanut butter cups (the little ones, if you please). So this attractive and fabulous dessert will be a hit with every age group and taste bud in your house.

One fun thing about making a trifle is that everyone can help. You prepare the basics including the brownie mix base and the fillings. Your kids can help by breaking up the peanut butter cups. Just make sure you buy extra because you know some are going to disappear before they ever make it into the trifle bowl. With a little guidance you can even have the kids assemble the layers in the trifle bowl, too. Its not hard and theyll love the results. Let them explore. In the end, the trifle will taste delicious no matter how its put together.

One tip is to make your trifle in a glass or clear bowl so that you can see the layers from the outside. The kids can see the layers too and it can help them understand why certain layers are put into the bowl in a particular way. As well, layers make your dessert a beauty to behold and pretty enough to set as the piece de resistance on your dinner table tonight.

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