Tasty Sloppy Joe Squares

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From the kitchen of Valerie, we want to share with you the link for a yummy new dish that will be great to add to your collection of awesome family dinner ideas. Here is a great recipe for Sloppy Joe Squares. If you weren't born in North America, you may not really know exactly what a Sloppy Joe is. In other countries, the name Sloppy Joe might not exist as it is quite an American recipe. The 'Sloppy Jo' is a sandwich that is basically loose seasoned ground meat placed on a bun. It has been around for awhile and used to go by several names including the Toasted Deviled Hamburgers, Chopped Meat Sandwiches, Hamburg a la Creole, Beef Mironton and Minced Beef Spanish Style. The actual term 'Sloppy Jo' did not come around until the 1940s possibly from a cook in Iowa named, you guessed it, Joe. Now we have special quick recipes for Sloppy Joes that can be made for any meal. There are sloppy joe powder mixes that you mix into your ground beef, pork, chicken or turkey. Although, sloppy joes are usually made with beef. There are even canned products for sloppy joes which include the meat and the sauce all in one package. All you have to buy are the buns, unless you decide to bake them yourself which would be extra delicious.

This particular recipe is a fun variation with the seasoned ground beef, but instead of using a bun is served more like a pot pie with nice flaky pastry that goes so well with these flavours. If you are familiar with 'meat pies', then this will be along those same lines. If you are less into meat but love this idea, you could always replace the ground meat with ground chicken, ground pork, or even a bean and vegetable medley if you are vegan or vegetarian and don't want to eat any meat. All of the flavours of the dish would be the same, and you would still get protein from the beans and vegetables even if you didn't include meat in this recipe. If you still would like to enjoy the meat in this recipe and other quick dinner recipes, then make sure it is ethically raised, organic meat. These types of meals are great for a big group and always go over well with the kids in your family. There is just something so fun about being sloppy and for the kids its fun to see their parents being sloppy and unconventional. Kids will love family dinner ideas like these sloppy joes and will ask for them over and over. You can serve these sloppy joe sandwiches with a nice cole slaw or maybe with a simple tossed salad for some balance of color and nutrients. You could even sneak some vegetables in with the meat and sauce to get your kids to eat up their vegetables which is a big part of a well balanced diet.

Quick dinner recipes like this one are always welcome in a busy household where everyone seems to be busy and on the go all of the time. Whether its rushing off to work or school, or to dance practice or sports practice there is always something happening. So its great to find quick recipes like this one to keep your family fed while they lead their busy lives. Thank you to Valerie from Valerie's kitchen for this fun dinner recipe for sloppy joes. Check out all of the other great family dinner ideas Valerie posts on her website for all of us to try out whenever we want. There are some really tasty looking recipes like appetizer recipes, breakfast recipes and dessert recipes that you can find on the website so be sure to check it out.*

Nutrition Facts for: Tasty Sloppy Joe Squares from From Valeries Kitchen
Ingredients: Ground beef, white onion, green bell pepper, can tomato sauce, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, yellow mustard, brown sugar, Creole or Cajun seasoning, garlic powder, crushed red pepper, fresh ground pepper, refrigerated crescent roll dough, cheddar/jack cheese, milk, sesame seeds.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 8 servings.* Per Serving:Calories 507, Calories from Fat 147, Total Fat 16.3g 25%, Saturated Fat 6.6g 33%, Cholesterol 119mg 40%, Sodium 1141mg 48%, Potassium 902mg 26%, Carbohydrates 43.6g 15%, Dietary Fiber 2.7g 11%, Sugars 14.5g, Protein 46.0g, Vitamin A 20%, Vitamin C 36%, Calcium 23%, Iron 137%

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