Tasty Tomato Feta Shrimps

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Try this Tasty Tomato Feta Shrimps recipe and enjoy the lovely flavor of shrimp, feta cheese and tomato. This shrimps recipe will add lots of bite with the tangy taste of tomato and the salty flavor of feta cheese, and everyone in the family (including you) will love its rich flavor. This Tasty Tomato Feta Shrimps recipe will also come together in just a few minutes, too, so make this dish on days when energy levels are low or when you simply do not have the time to make a big meal. Serve this shrimp recipe with rice, whether just plain white, basmati, brown, or even another variety. Any way you make it, it will be delicious.

This Tasty Tomato Feta Shrimps recipe is quickly made, and serves up some great nutrition. Shrimp is a great food, with almost zero calories in them. They are almost pure protein, and everyone seems to love them. So that is a great place to start when you are thinking about what to serve for dinner tonight. Then the tomatoes are canned and bring plenty of juice to help flavor this dish. Tomatoes are also very nutritious, have little or no fat in them, and are also low in calories. They are chock full of vitamins and minerals, too. The feta cheese is salty, but offers calcium, magnesium, and lots of protein, too. There is a small amount of fat in this cheese, but not really enough to be too concerned about. The peppers and onions also add plenty of goodness as well as great flavor and taste. And the yellow peppers are a particularly pretty addition to this dish, creating a great contrast of pink shrimp, white feta cheese, red tomatoes, and yellow peppers.

The oregano is sprinkled on once this dish is complete. Be sure to follow the recipe and add it when the dish is done, or the oregano could get bitter. As well, be sure to add fresh oregano, which has an entirely different flavor from dried oregano. This dish can be served over rice, or if you and your family prefer, serve this Tasty Tomato Feta Shrimps recipe over noodles. You could even serve this dish over smashed potatoes made with lots of garlic and mashed to be dry (do not add other ingredients like butter, sour cream or so on).

This is a great dish to make whenever the mood strikes. You can make it with fresh or frozen shrimp to great results. The dish is quick and easy and so you can prepare it at the last minute. Serve it with rice, noodles or even potatoes. Whichever accompaniment your family desires will taste great with this dish.

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