Tater Tot Breakfast Pizza

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We love any kind of tater tot hotdish recipe and this one in particular is so yummy! We all love tater tots with cheese, we all love a good ground beef tater tot casserole, and how about a green bean tater tot casserole? Well, thanks to Tonia of The Gunny Sack for her Tater Tot Breakfast Pizza recipe that takes the pizza from a fast food to a pizza that is a breakfast ménage a taste. Many of us have had leftover pizza for a breakfast meal, especially after a long night out with friends, but how many of us can truly say they had a breakfast pizza with a baked tater tots recipe. Tonia has brought us a pizza recipe without the use of a phone to order one or the time it takes to make the dough for a traditional home made pizza recipe.

Pizza has been with us since the Neolithic age, approximately 10,200 B.C. to 2000 B.C., and the first ever documented bread with toppings affectionately known as pizza has been with us since 997 A.D. Gaeta an Italian city in the province of Latina in the region of central Italy is where this dish originated. It was probably first known as Focaccia, a flat bread made with toppings, and was known to the Romans as panis focasius. A popular dish with humble beginnings has become one of the most ordered fast foods not only in America but also in most places around the globe. It can be made with toppings as simple as oil and dried or fresh rosemary and it can be as intense as a fully loaded pizza recipe with meat and veggies and tomato sauce as the base. Combine all this deliciousness with a classic baked tater tots recipe and you are in for a treat!

The entire tater tot hotdish recipe breakfast pizza recipe can be prepared and cooked in less than 40 minutes. That is usually the time a regular pizza recipe calls for as far as cooking time but the difference is it doesn’t call for the making of the dough that not only takes time in preparation but is also the place many cooks fumble the ball on. Dough can be too doughy or too hard and that can ruin a lot of time you spent putting everything else together. Tonia’s tater tot hotdish pizza recipe makes the process less time consuming and less likely to go wrong since there is no dough. The crust is basically made up of taters that have been used as a side for eggs for many years. They can be bought frozen as this recipe calls for. The rest of the tater tot hotdish recipe calls for eggs and meat, bacon or sausage, and the beauty is that you can take out the meat if you are so inclined or you can add extra meat if you want as well. It incorporates cheese and you can be creative and go for eggs whites only, a healthier option, and you can add veggies you like or basically anything you find in your favorite omelet.

Tonia and her tater tot hotdish recipe breakfast pizza recipe can make breakfast your best excuse to eat all the things you usually might eat for breakfast as well as giving you the option to go with meat or vegetarian the only thing left in your decision making will be whether to have orange juice or a mochacino latte.*

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