Ten Fruits and Vegetables You May Be Storing Wrong

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Here are ten fruits and vegetables you may be storing wrong. It is important to store produce correctly in order to retain as many nutrients as possible as well as to ensure that the product doesnt go bad before you have time to eat it.

It can be surprising to learn that some produce stores better alone, away from other produce, in water, peeled, or not in the fridge at all. Celery and carrots can be stored in water in the fridge. Be sure to peel and cut the carrots and that celery stocks are clean and rinsed. This also means that youll be sure to eat those items in a timely fashion.

Some produce including tomatoes, melons and celery release ethylene gas, so keep them away from other produce. Cucumber, for example, will spoil much more quickly if it is exposed to this gas. So dont park it next to the melons.

Speaking of cucumber, dont put it in the fridge, either. Cucumber keeps much better when stored in a cool place, over 50F, and not in the fridge. Tomatoes, potatoes, onions and garlic are similar. Potatoes prefer a cool and dark space, so if you have a cupboard that is in a cooler part of the kitchen that could be perfect. Be sure you store potatoes in a perforated or breathable bag.

Onions also like to be able to breathe and stay dry. They are usually sold in nylon netting that is a perfect storage unit for them. Keep garlic stored in its husk and do not break the husk until you are ready to use the garlic. You can keep your garlic in an open bowl, or purchase a braid of garlic that you keep on your wall. Anywhere that it can breathe, stay dry, and not get too hot will work for your garlic. Tomatoes usually need some time to ripen to reach their peak flavor. That is best done right on your counter top. Putting tomatoes in the fridge keeps them from ripening, but can make them mushy and ruin their texture.

Heres one to keep in the fridge, bananas. Once your bananas have ripened on the counter top, wrap them in plastic and put them in the fridge. They will stop ripening, and keep much longer. Be sure to wrap them, though, because they do release ethylene that could spoil other produce.

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