Tender Meatloaf with Spicy Ketchup

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If you don’t enjoy meatloaf, because it is dried out and flavourless, this tender meatloaf with spicy ketchup recipe is neither, as its name suggests. Erika, the author of The Hopeless Housewife recipe blog, came up with this tasty meatloaf recipe, and it is moist throughout from the additions of fresh milk and eggs. The Tabasco-spiked glaze takes this meatloaf over the top and is perfect for eating alongside mashed potatoes. To make this beef recipe even easier, Erika shapes the meatloaf in a baking dish rather than forming it into a loaf pan. This allows those who don’t own a loaf pan to make this meatloaf and also gives for surface area for the glaze to drip down.

Meatloaf has to be one of the best low budget family meals because it doesn’t require a lot of ingredients to prepare. The fact that this meatloaf recipe is so flavourful will mean that everyone, including kids, will devour it. Since this dish is so simple, the ingredients require some extra care. Erika brilliantly sautés the onions until they are soft, which sweetens their taste and softens them so that their texture is less noticeable in the meat mixture. All you will get is the sweet taste of cooked onion lingering in the meat mixture. Once the onions are cooked, Erika also adds the garlic and dried herbs to warm through. By gently heating, the dried herbs are awakened, and their flavour is improved. If you have eaten ground meat recipes before that were dried out, the meat mixture was probably over mixed. Similar to bread baking, it is possible to toughen the meat mixture by over kneading. As a result, Erika mixes all the ingredients together without the meat first, and then adds the meat at the end. That way, the meat doesn’t require as much kneading to incorporate fully.

Erika shows that recipes with ground meat don’t have to be flavourless just because they are easy. Her ketchup glaze recipe is a tasty combination of ketchup, Worcestershire and Tabasco, which add sweetness, smokiness and spiciness at the same time. Even when you don’t want to make this meatloaf recipe, you can prepare this glaze to top burgers or crockpot meatballs. It would work equally well with other kinds of ground meat too. If you don’t have Tabasco, but enjoy another type of hot sauce, feel free to use that instead. A small amount of sriracha should add peppery heat without overtaking the other ingredients. Alternatively, a pinch of hot cayenne pepper would add a spicy, peppery note. Consider preparing this meatloaf recipe with ground turkey or chicken if you are looking for a leaner cut of meat. Alternatively, if you don’t have two full pounds of beef, you can mix it with ground pork or veal to make up the rest of the combination.

Easy and delicious dinner recipes are so handy to have for any week when you are short on time. This meatloaf is already very simple, but if you don’t even have a small amount of time, you could easily prepare the meat mixture in advance for quick and easy meals, shape it and chill it in the refrigerator. Chilling will only help the flavours develop more, and the loaf holds its shape better when baked. If the loaf is very cold, though, it may extend the baking time. Just keep checking with an instant-read thermometer until a safe temperature is reached. Thank you to Erika, the author of The Hopeless Housewife recipe blog, for sharing her tender meatloaf with spicy ketchup recipe with us.

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