Tex Mex Chicken Avocado Cheese Burrito

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The great thing about tex mex food is that it tastes delicious whether it is freshly made or pulled out of the fridge for a late night snack. Some people might even argue that leftovers are even tastier than the original dish! Try this Tex mex chicken avocado cheese burrito tonight and make lots to put in the fridge, too. This blend of protein, dairy and high nutrition avocado is hard to beat, and you will find people reaching in to the fridge to snack on it as long as it is there.

This dish is a great summer meal. This is a quick and easy meal, and one that beginning cooks can attempt to great success. The avocadoes are chopped along with the chicken and wrapped in to a tortilla then grilled. Combined with the other ingredients this makes a filling dish that could serve for a great lunch along side a green and tart salad or served for a light supper on a hot summer’s night.

Avocadoes are a highly nutritious vegetable that contributes plenty of vitamins and minerals to the diet. It is one of the most highly recommended vegetables for overall good health by the world health organization website. Of course, most of us eat it because it is just so yummy; still, it is nice to know that what you are eating is good for you, too!

Tex Mex food gets more and more popular every day because it is just such a wonderful blend of great meat, chicken and sometimes even fish with cheese and a great assortment of vegetables. Of course, what wraps it all up (pun intended) is the blend of spices that makes all of these types of dishes so rich and flavorful.

If you have not tried a burrito before or have never made one, this is a great starter recipe. You will have lots of success and that may encourage you to move on to even more complicated dishes in the future.

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