Tex Mex Shells and Cheese

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Large shell pasta is the secret ingredient in this recipe for Tex-Mex Shells and Cheese, and a dish that your family will dig in to with plenty of gusto. It blends all kids of big Texan flavor including meat and cheese and even green enchilada sauce (although the usual will do, and choose whatever your family loves) to pour over large pasta shells stuffed with meat and cheese. This dish is a very filling dish that you can serve as a complete dinner or make up as a late night snack.

This Tex-Mex dinner combines the best of foods including meat, cheese and pasta, so your family gets a pretty well balanced meal out of this dinner. Add a great big green salad to round everything out and you have a super meal to serve. Then you can be pretty happy about what you are serving up to the family. This dish is quick and easy to make, too, because you can use pre-packaged ingredients and commercial salsas and sauces. They may not be quite as good as your home made sauce, but load the shells with plenty of cheese and no one will complain. (If they do, put them on clean up detail!)

This dish is a good dinner or even lunch dish if smaller portions are served. It is certainly a popular blend of seasonings. Everyone enjoys the lightly spicy and tomato-y tastes of Tex-Mex, especially when you smother it in cheese, too! So make this dish soon for your family. It will undoubtedly become a go to dinner—and maybe even a lunch as well. Bookmark the page and turn to it when you want some Tex-Mex at home. Enjoy it.

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