Texas Pecan Brownie Fingers

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This recipe for Texas Pecan Brownie Fingers is a two layered treat of pure chocolate. The kids will love them because of that, and the crunch of pecans that add even more delight. So bake them today; they do not take any time at all to pull together. Do read the recipe over, since the way that this snack is blended is somewhat different from the usual butter, sugar and eggs first approach that you might be familiar with following. Still, do not hesitate to try this recipe out. There is nothing difficult about it, and it makes a nice chocolate snacking cake that every one will enjoy.

Recipes are some times blended in different ways, and you may wonder why that is so. Here, cocoa is added in to the recipe. Cocoa can some times be a difficult ingredient to blend easily. It can some times lump and just not cooperate with a baker. So here the cocoa is dissolved in to a liquid, using water and butter, to create a smooth chocolate that will blend more easily in the recipe. This method hearkens back to the early days of baking. Today, cocoa does not really need this step because it blends smoothly in to any recipe you are making. Still, it is fun to follow these old recipes just to see how things were once done.

This recipe has lots of ingredients, but is still quick to pull together. A brownie type of layer is topped with a chocolate glaze that, if poured over the cake while it is still warm, will soak in just a bit to the top of the cake and make it moist, chewy and delicious. Scattered pecans on the top add tender and nutty flavor as well as great crunch. This recipe is very affordable, quick and easy to make for dinner tonight. Do try it out, and see how much the family enjoys this treat.

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