Texas Roadhouse Rolls

Photo Credit: Cincy Shopper

Warm and buttered, these rolls are the cats meow! This is a copy cat recipe of the famous 'Texas Roadhouse Rolls with Cinnamon Honey Butter', and with a name like that, they cannot be ignored for long. I have only been to the real Texas Roadhouse once in my life and these rolls were served piping warm with butter to melt gloriously. They are delicious with all sorts of yummy dishes as a side. My favorites are a thick and hearty stew, or my Grandmother's Borchst (which for those of you who do not know, is a stew made primarily out of beets).

Like, the chef at the Cincy Shopper, my family grew up with a lot of homemade bread. My grandmother, mother and aunties are all famous for their loaves, buns, and pastries. Bread was made almost every day with so many cousins around it got gobbled up so quickly. The smell would invade the house and my favorite was just cooled down enough not to burn your mouth with a heaping glob of butter melting in the center.

These rolls are just like Grandmas! The cinnamon, honey butter is optional, but when I say optional I mean that you should only ignore it if you for some reason do not have the ingredients. If you have what you need, then don't forget about this delicious side which which is so incredibly delicious. What I like about the recipe is that it is fairly basic baking ingredients, and although it does require yeast, the recipe is fairly quick and does not need too much time for rising.

Okay, time to enjoy this recipe so go and check out the full list of ingredients and instructions from the website below linking to the 'Cincy Shopper', one of our new favorite websites!

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