Tex-Mex Chicken and White Cheddar Spaghetti

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Tex Mex food is all about bringing the Mexican flavour to American food, and this Tex-Mex Chicken & White Cheddar Spaghetti is one of those recipes that uses some Mexican flavour in a down south kind of way. This recipe could be called Tex Italio Mex because the pasta is Italian, but we will just leave it at Tex Mex! American food does seem to be a mish mash of other cuisines from around the world. One recipe is taken and made more 'American', usually by adding more cheese, or butter, or bacon. It is no secret that Americans like to indulge.

This Tex Mex Chicken and White Cheddar pasta, has some cilantro and jalapeños with some cumin in there too, and the rest is the creamy cheesy sauce that the pasta is covered in. This would be a great hearty meal for a winter or fall meal, or anytime you just need some comfort food and just need some cheese and pasta in your life! We all have those times, don't we? And its all good, everything in moderation right? Kids would absolutely love this meal, since it would probably remind them of good ol mac n cheese, but with a kick!

Tex Mex food is known for it's heavy use of cheese and meat in meals, and usually uses a few Mexican ingredients mixed in there. Meals like chile con carne, and fajitas were both Tex Mex creations. The cuisine originated with the Tejanos, the Mexican people of Texas, and had the flavour of the surrounding Mexican states, that were close to Texas and other southern states in America. It was a great way for the people from different countries to join together and share their different cuisines, and mix them together, and still is! Head over to 'Lauren's Latest' by following the link in the description below for this recipe and more!

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