Tex-Mex Cowboy Casserole

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Treat your family to this Tex-Mex ‘Cowboy’ Casserole and everyone will be saying “yee-haw” and “giddee-up” as they line up for seconds and thirds of this yummy and filling dish. This is a great dish that can serve as well for lunch or dinner and any picnic, gathering, or outdoor party you might attend this summer. It can be served hot out of the oven or allowed to cool somewhat and be served at room temperature. It is convenient because the chips are already in the recipe, so with one scoop, you have a complete meal.

This dish combines meat, cheese, vegetables and chips in a wholesome blend that everyone will love to eat. The different parts of the recipe are layered and so the casserole is very pretty to look at once it is served on the plate. A casserole is, almost by definition, a forgiving dish that allows a lot of latitude on what you put in the dish as well as its quantities. It is a great place to start your cooking career, since it is almost impossible to go wrong. Well, almost. A good friend of mine did not realize that most casseroles do require that you cook the ingredients (like the meat and noodles and frozen veggies, if you are using them) before you put them together in the dish and bake it. So she didn’t cook the noodles or the frozen veggies, but tossed it all together in a tuna bake. You can imagine the results. Her poor husband lost 20 pounds in the first year of their marriage! Fortunately, practice can make perfect, and in this case, Fran’s cooking got much better over time. So don’t forget to cook the meat in this recipe before you add the rest of the ingredients and bake it together.

Baking all the already cooked ingredients allows them to come together and especially allows the cheeses to melt. Flavors mingle and become smoother and more tasty with the bake. Bookmark this recipe for your next get together.

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