Tex-Mex Turkey Soup

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What a fabulous recipe! If you even glance at the great photos of this Tex-Mex Turkey Soup in progress, you will absolutely get the ingredients and make it for your family tonight. And my guess is that you could use this soup almost as a dip, too, serving it warm with chips on the side. It is easily a full meal given the robust ingredients, but if you wanted to serve it as an appetizer, this would work wonderfully well, too. This is the kind of soup where the meal is enough with just the soup because it has so much in it.

This soup will not take too long to make, although it has an extensive ingredient list. These ingredients are what make the soup taste so great, so don’t skip even a single one of them. One of the really great things about this recipe, too, is that it uses turkey as the meat of choice, a nice change from the usual beef flavors. Turkey has a much lighter flavor than beef, and so that can allow other flavors, such as the cheese, spices, and beans to shine through more clearly. Another advantage to this recipe is that everything is prepared in a Dutch oven. That should minimize clean up time, always a factor for dinner choices in our house. You may have an army (dare we say it, volunteers?) to pick up after your forays in to dinner, but if not, meals that are made in one pan are always a good choice.

Enjoy this soup on a hot summer’s day, but serve it at a cooler temperature than you might when the winter winds howl outside your door. Then make sure this soup is steaming, and add plenty of tortilla chips and bread, sour cream or yogurt, extra cheeses, and other sprinklers to the table.

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