Thai Firecracker Shrimp

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Are you having trouble getting your kids and other family members to try fish or seafood? Make up this recipe for Thai Firecracker Shrimp and you might be able to turn their dislike in to sheer enjoyment. These shrimp are fun just to see on the website, Steamy Kitchen, for how creatively the blogger and recipe creator has put the shrimp together. Just looking at it makes you want to reach out and bite in to this fun and great way to serve up shrimp.

This recipe is put together by Jaden, who is a professional recipe developer. She is also a television chef and has even authored a cook book. Likely this recipe is a keeper, as a result. It combines some really great ingredients that are not only full of flavor but also offer up good nutrition. This dish would like taste delicious accompanied by any rice that you enjoy and your favorite greens. The entire meal is quick and easy to prepare and provides your family with lots of good nutrition to keep them steaming through their busy day.

Shrimp is a great food to eat. It is very low in calories, coming in at less than 10 calories per average sized shrimp. Shrimp also contains high amounts of selenium, an important mineral to heart and cardiovascular health. The form of selenium contained in shrimp is also very well absorbed by the body, which can utilize as much of 85 percent of the selenium that shrimp provides. Shrimp has sometimes been criticized for its high cholesterol levels, but this doesn’t stack up against the important elements of copper and good fats that shrimp provides, such as omega-3 fats, fats that can be hard to include in your diet. So try this dish today and turn around your family’s feelings about fish and seafood.

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