Thai Peanut Sauce

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Thai peanut sauce has a lot of uses and this recipe can show you how to make it in just a few easy steps. Thai peanut sauce combines sweet, sour, hot and salty in this recipe, three of the six basic food flavors. Other flavors include umami and bitter tastes. Some flavor pundits say that to be fully satisfied after a meal you need to eat all six flavors (not necessarily in the same dish!).

Thai peanut sauce goes well with any number of dishes and can be used as marinate, sauce on the side, or something you cook with. This sauce can be delicious poured on top of rice or plain noodles, rice (some variant of white rice is best here) or with chicken, among just a few choices. It is a smooth and creamy flavor with tangy and hot and sour notes that will really tantalize your taste buds. Your mouth will be wide awake when you eat this really delicious sauce. And it gives you an idea of what Thai foods taste like.

This dish has a few ingredients that you might not keep in your cupboard all the time. But you might consider it. Coconut, in all its variations, is a useful ingredient to keep on hand, and keeps well in the cupboard. Do check for expiration dates, and be careful when you open coconut juice cans. The coconut fat will have congealed on the top with the whey on the bottom. Be sure to shake (and shake and shake) the container before opening. It may be easier to open it and dump everything in to a blender before you use it. In any event, this is one of the ingredients in this sauce that contributes to the incredible smooth taste. Try it tonight, and don’t forget to make up some noodles to serve it with.

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