The 1500 sqft FAMILY cabin is the perfect place to reconnect .. check it out

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A cabin in the mountains of Washington state is the perfect place to relax and reconnect with nature and family. This lovely log cabin is located in Glacier, Washington and it's called the Mt. Baker Rim Cabin #17 after Mount Baker which is one of the most beautiful mountains in Washington. The log cabin is just one of the small log cabins in the area, but it's an all-time favourite with tourists. It features two-stories and 1,500 square feet of space within as well as 2 bedrooms and two bathrooms. The cabin has that classic, rustic style, but you won't have to rough it when you stay there because it has all of the modern amenities you'll need to be comfortable. The living and dining area are so open and spacious complete with a gas fireplace for warmth and ambience. There's also a futon for extra sleeping space, a flat screen computer monitor and Wifi. The kitchen includes all newer appliances as well as a dishwasher for easy clean up after meals. One of the bedrooms features a queen sized bed with a full bathroom. Then, upstairs there is another bedroom in an open loft with two twin beds and another bathroom. There's also the other proper bedroom with another queen sized bed in it and even a laundry area with a washing machine and a dryer.

The decor in the house is very laid back and natural, mostly wooden furniture which complements the log walls within the home. This will give you some ideas for log cabin designs if you're planning on building or buying your own log cabin or home. It always helps to stay at or look at different small log cabins for reference when you're thinking about owning one of your own someday. You can stay at as many log cabin accommodations as you need to so you can get an idea of the designs you like and the style of log cabin you prefer. This log cabin is very rustic, so if you like the look of this log cabin, you'll probably want to go with more of a handcrafted log cabin design. If you prefer something that looks a little more modern, a manufactured log cabin might suit your preferences. People tend to favour small log cabins over larger ones simply because they cost less to build and to maintain. But if you need space for more family members or guests, you may want to build larger.

The other option is to build a smaller log cabin on your property first and then you can build another small building as a guest house to accommodate more people. This particular small log cabin accommodates up to 8 people, and that is their strictly enforced maximum number of people that are allowed to stay at the cabin. They also allow pets as well which is nice, so you can bring your furry family members along for the trip which isn't always allowed at every accommodation you see. VRBO has tons of different log cabin rentals available all over the US, Canada and around the world, so depending on where you live or where you want to vacation to you could test out staying at a variety of different small log cabins. If you're not interested in staying at any cabins, you can also look through the different listings at all the great photos of the listings for inspiration for your own log cabin designs. Collect pictures of the different designs you like the most and then use those photos to create a floor plan and design of your own.***

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