The Absolute Best Apple Butter BBQ Ribs

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Are you looking for some great dinner recipes for you and your family? The Best Apple Butter BBQ Ribs recipe is here to bring you some new flavour. The best dinner menu ideas are the ones you make at home so try out this recipe tonight with your family, and see if they do not agree that these are the best ribs any where. This recipe is a real winner, first putting a rub on the ribs that you allow to marinate, and then making a great apple based sauce to serve with the ribs. Apple and pork are a fabulous combination of tastes. The tart and fresh flavor of apples picks up on the slightly sweet and sultry flavor that pork offers. We do not eat as much pork as we do beef, but Pork offers an entirely different complement of tastes that can result in quite different meals and dinner menu ideas than beef or chicken while still providing a terrific lean meat for dinner. And now, you can buy pork almost any time, and in any sort of cut that you enjoy. Pork recipes are also much more common, and even ground pork is being used for meat balls, and in other dishes where it might not have appeared before. Pork provides a good hearty protein source for a meal and is great served with any vegetable including corn on the cob or a nice coleslaw. Rib recipes are especially great in the summer time, but they can be made any time you and your family have a hankering for a barbecue ribs recipe.

One of the best things that people enjoy about pork is how well it takes a tangy sauce. So that is another reason pork is great with apples, and that is a classic way to serve just about any pork. You might remember the old combination of pork chops and apple sauce that was made in the past. Well why not try out some great dinner recipes that include the apple sauce on your meat? Sounds like a great idea. Pork is also delicious with other tangy things, such as cranberry sauce, any thing made with lemons or oranges, or mint. There are also plenty of other ways to prepare and serve pork, of course, and these are just some ideas to think about. These kinds of recipes make for easy entertaining dinner ideas when you are going to have some family over for dinner to enjoy a meal together. People love easy entertaining dinner ideas that also taste great so that your friends will be impressed by your cooking skills.

So try this recipe for pork. First the pork ribs marinate and then you cook the meat, so you can be sure it will be extra tender and sweet. Serve this dish with rice, preferably a brown rice, which really nicely underscores the flavor of the meat or some quinoa. Add some vegetables that work with apples such as carrots, or even boiled onions an old Irish trick. Even a sweet green, such as Swiss Chard would taste great, but avoid strong veggies like asparagus that might not work quite as well here. There are more great dinner recipes and dinner menu ideas like this one over at Swift Fresh Pork. Thank you to the folks over at Swift Fresh Pork for providing this awesome recipe for the best apple butter BBQ ribs that will make your tastebuds explode with flavour. Enjoy some of their other pork recipes which you can find over on their website. They have a great line of meats that they sell in stores in the United States, and some of the meats even come pre seasoned and marinated so that you can skip the waiting period for the marinating cycle.*

Nutrition Facts for: The Absolute Best Apple Butter BBQ Ribs From Swift Fresh Pork
Ingredients:Pork Loin Backribs, brown sugar, kosher salt, apple pie spice blend, apple butter, tomato paste, water, cider vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, ground black pepper.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 6 servings. * Per Serving: Calories 1169, Calories from Fat 632, Total Fat 70.2g 108%, Saturated Fat 25.9g 129%, Cholesterol 276mg 92%, Sodium 1811mg 75%, Potassium 254mg 7%, Carbohydrates 52.3g 17%, Dietary, Fiber 2.9g 12%, Sugars 43.1g, Protein 74.7g, Vitamin A 5%, Vitamin C 7%, Calcium 4%, Iron 19%

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