The amazing ways the function keys f1 to f12 can save you a ton of time

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There are keys on your computer keyboard that you might not be using because you don't know what they do. And if the only time you are using these keys is when your computer starts to act up, to help fix problems, you are missing out on some time-saving tricks. The function keys that are on the top of your computer keyboards may have additional uses when you hit the FN also know as the function key plus the selected F-key. Also, you want to be sure and check your computer manual to see if your computer model offers any alternate functions. Many of these tips work on a PC, and will not work on all the Apple models of computers. You'll want to experiment and look at your computer manual to see all the extra things your computer keyboard can do. You'll want to take a look at the DIY Everywhere site to see the full list of things your F keys can do. The following are just some the tips and projects to do on your computer.

F2 key. This computer key lets you rename a new file or folder on your computer. This keyboard key helps you save a few seconds over hitting the right button on your mouse over and over again to get the box to highlight. This key on your keyboard may also act as a volume button.

F3 key. Use this function to open a new search window in a specific program such as like Word for your diy ideas on the computer. If you realize that you need to capitalize some words in your new document. Simply highlight the words and hit the Shift+F3 to capitalize the beginning letter of a new word. In Apple, the F3 key will open Mission Control or show you all the pages you have open.

F4 key. Whether you accidentally opened a new site you don't want to see, or you are playing around on Facebook at work, the Alt plus F4 or Ctrl plus F4 could save you. This key will automatically close the current windows without saving them. Just hit the F4 key on your keyboard while on the internet to open the address bar without touching your mouse. In Microsoft word, the F4 button on the keyboard will repeat the last action you performed.

F5 key. If the internet is lagging, the F5 key on your computer keyboard can help. While your computer browser is open hit, the F5 key on the keyboard to help refresh the page you are on. If you want to completely refresh the computer browser and clear the cache, press CTRL plus F5. You can also use this keyboard button to open the find/replace button in Word or to start a new slideshow in PowerPoint.

F6 key. If you are typing and want to save yourself a few seconds of time, hit the F6 button on your keyboard to move your cursor to the website browser of choice. Combine the CTRL plus Shift plus F6 to open a new word document. This key on your computer keyboard may act as a volume button on some computer laptops, and it may turn the mousepad on or off.

F7 key. If you're busy typing away on a new document in Word, you can click F7 to run a spell/grammar check. Hit the Shift plus F7 to open a thesaurus on a highlighted word. If you are using Firefox, this same key will turn on Caret browsing. You will find these DIY ideas on and projects to do on the DIY Everywhere site. On the site, you will find diy ideas, projects to do and more. **

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