The Best All Butter Pie Crust Recipe

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There may be plenty of debate about what constitutes The Best All Butter Pie Crust Recipe. There are plenty of ways to make a crust, and many of them serve specific purposes for texture, or taste. This recipe uses a simple and classic combination of ingredients to create a lovely crust. Although taste is usually the primary driver to make or bake anything, sometimes ingredient choices can also play a role in determining how something comes together. Crusts for pies is one example of how the choice of ingredient changed due to increasing concern and awareness of nutritional issues in some baking ingredients.

The issue that came up in the 1980s and 1990s was around the type of fat that was being used to make crusts. The fats focused on trans fat and saturated fats, which were found in spades in many commercial and home baked goods. The fats included shortening (especially those which were hydrogenated) as well as animal fats (bacon grease, for example). So fats such as those fell in to disfavor, and consumers (bakers like us) started to look for other fats to make our crusts. Margarine (also debated as to its health benefits) became one choice, but consumers long love affair with animal fat or shortening (or lard) to make savory pies (such as meat pies) with animal fats has continued. Today, the butter crust has begun to make a come back based on its perception as a “natural” fat. Yet it is still loaded with trans fat and saturated fat. But butter also creates an almost sweet crust—fabulous, but different, from the lard version.

Which type of crust you use might be determined by what you are making. A butter crust works well with sweet fillings, and lard based crusts are great with savory ones. This is simply a personal preference, and you may choose differently. In the meantime, try this butter based crust, and see just how delicious it is.

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