The Best Bread Pudding

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When you read this recipe, you immediately understand why the web site blogger and recipe creator, Alexandra, claims this one produces The Best Bread Pudding. She begins the bread pudding with a two day recipe to make brioche, one of the most wonderful breads on the planet. Brioche is a viennoiserie, bread that is made out of layers and layers of dough and butter. If you have never had brioche, but want to make this pudding, and are willing to make the brioche, double the recipe. There is no way you will ever finish making the brioche and not eat it, once you taste (or even smell) this fabulous bread. It might be safer to buy the brioche, which will never come near the home made version of this wonderful stuff, and so avoid the risk of eating all of it before ever getting close to making the bread pudding.

This recipe depends on the quality of the bread for its flavor, so do buy or make the brioche the recipe calls for. Brioche takes time and care to make, but the end result is fantastic. The bread has so much butter (and eggs) in it that it bakes up a dark brown and when you cut open the loaf, it is yellow from the butter and yolks. This bread is hundreds of years old, invented by the French (of course!) and one of many variations of viennoiserie.

This is a fabulous recipe, but one that truly depends on a high quality bread, called brioche, to make it work. If you have not made brioche before, begin by just making the bread and enjoy that for an afternoon tea. Then, later, make it again by doubling the recipe and getting two loaves. Use one of them for this pudding, and eat the one that is left. You will never tire of this fabulous bread.

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